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Attaining level 20 is required to leave Celestial Vale and go to Perfect World .... 20 item used for Increase Safe Slots, a quest for expanding the player Bank. Marketplace Update | PWI - Arc Games May 16, 2018 ... The Super Cage, a high-capacity cage that can unlock 10 slots and an ... The Quest Expansion, an item you can use to expand your questlog to ... Celestial Vale | Perfect World International Wiki | FANDOM powered ...

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Perfect World Increase Safe Slots Gather the Materials Banker Safe Expansion Quest; Gather the Materials Items Needed to Increase Safe Slots Perfect World International (PWI) 5 years ago. READ MORE Increase Safe Slots | Perfect World International Wiki. The number of slots in your bank storage can be increased from the original 16 slots by doing the two "Increase Safe materials to complete the slots. Increase Safe Slots Quest Pwi - Increase Safe Slots Quest Pwi. increase safe slots quest pwi Advance level by level and unblock new machines.Database Perfect World: Quest - Super Safe: 96 Slots. Super Safe: 96 Slots; Description. Bring the Inventory Master a Super Safe Stone and shell extend your safe to the maximum capacity of 96 slots.Join The Best Casino Games, Play Free ...

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Extension Stone" which is the quest to increase from 56 slots to 64. Some people who bought the Super stone in boutique had the same problem, because they increased to 64 with normal stone and not super. They could have fixed it with support ticket. I don't know if ticket can help in that case, but you can try. New Items and Great Discounts! | PWI These medals are a major piece of the puzzle for attaining Rank IX Gear, which is some of the best gear in all Perfect World!Make sure you don't lose it! How/Where to Get It. To obtain this gear, you'll need to make a trip to the Commander-in-Chief (521, 626) in the South District of Archosaur.You'll need 300,000 Reputation, 3 Medals of Glory, and 32 General Summer's Tokens.

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Increase Safe Slots are two quests named the same; each increases the player's safe slots by eight. Collect 5 Mystical Meat, 5 Disguise Skin, 5 Elemental Dust, 5 Soft Fur, and 5 Rhino Horns from enemies; or buy the Safe Extension Stone from the Boutique. Return to Banker Cheng. What can I do... Increase Safe Slots - Гайд по Increase Safe Slots - База… Как сделать квест Increase Safe Slots в Perfect World, гайд по квесту Increase Safe Slots: База данных ПВ.If you find a Safe Extension Stone for the banker, he will extend your Safe capacity to 80 slots.