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In order for you to better understand moneyline sports betting, another ... Just like it is with spread betting, the team with a (-) next to their name is the favorite while ... In this final example, let's say the over/under of an NFL game is 51.5 points ... Sports Betting - Wizard of Odds Sep 6, 2015 ... Guide to sports betting for NFL, NBA, MLB and college football with analysis of major ... The +400 for the Rams means that a bet on the Rams would pay 4 to 1. ... More than that and you won't win much if you do win. ... Any bet on the over or under would push if the total points in the game were exactly 41. Everything You Need to Know About How Betting Lines Work | Complex

What does Over/Under mean in sports betting? Understanding Over/Under Bets - A Beginner's Guide to Totals Betting. Gambling name of the wager is interchangeable and both are used in sportsbooks and in the media. A totals bet under one of the easiest and most popular bets to make in the sportsbook.

NHL Betting - what does Under 5 and 5.5 mean? QUOTE Originally Posted by mfh02: Under 5 goals and under 5.5 goals. If the score is 3-1 it's an under 5. If the final ends up being 3-2 it's 5 exactly. Oh no what happens? Did I win or lose? You ... What does over 2, 2.5 mean? - Sportsbook Review What does over 2, 2.5 mean? Can anyone explain why there are two totals? I just want to bet that it'll go over 2.5. 08-26-11 02:28 PM #2. yisman. MySBRForum ;

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Example: If the over/under number on the Red Wings and Penguins is 6 and a bettor places a $500 wager on the over, the bookmaker is unlikely to raise the total to 6.5. Instead, he will make bettors who wish to wager over 6 risk $120 to win $100, which is written as -120. Those wishing to bet the under would then be able to wager at even money ... Gambling Terms and Sports Betting Definitions Gambling Terms and Sports Betting Definitions. ... It can be wagered to go Over/Under. ... Over - In sports gambling the "over" is a sports bet in which the bettor guesses that the combined ... What does over/under mean in terms of gambling, and is there ... Thanks for the question Neil, The over/under is simply the total number of points scored by both teams. Let's say you think that the Cowboys will beat the Giants by a score of 24 -17. What is Over/Under - Totals Betting. - YouTube

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This means that if you were to wager on Boston, they would have to win by more than 2.5....3 or more for you to win. IF you bet on the Lakers and they lose by less than 2.5...2 or less, then you win. You are correct about 192 being the total amount of points. Over under betting strategy, what is over under | … Information about the Over under betting strategy, over under football methods and ways of using such strategy of sport betting.This article is for those, who wonder “what does over under mean?” What does gambling mean? - YouTube